We do so much that it is hard to list all of our services.  We encourage you to contact us regarding your specific needs and allow us to prove to you how expansive our knowledge really is. 

Cabling Technologies Corp provides innovative technical solutions for residential and commercial clients.  We design, engineer and install All Types of Technologies.  In Fact, our expertise is so expansive that I stopped listing all that we do because of the length of the list.  You should just assume that if it has wires or batteries if you can watch it or it watches you, we have at some point installed or serviced it.  Our solutions can fill voids which will add a whole new level of comfort and value you get from today's technology.   We adapt to the technology and as it becomes smarter so do we. 


  • Residential Home Automation Systems
  • Panelized Lighting Control System
  • Local and Hybrid Lighting Control
  • Landscape Lighting Desing / Installation / Control
  • HVAC & Thermostate Control
  • ‚ÄčAutomated Window Shades & Blinds
  • Garage Door & Automated Lock Controls
  • Entry Gate Control & Communication
  • Generator Notification & Monitoring
  • Sprinkler System Integration
  • Water & Low Temp Notification
  • Automated Fireplace Control
  • Emergency Water Shut-Off Systems
  • Propane and Fuel Tank Monitoring Systems
  • Complete System Management and Maintaince
  • Wireless Network Installation & Managements
  • Hardwired Network Infrastructure & Managements
  • Streaming Media / Cord-Cutting Solutions
  • Multi-Room Audio System
  • Multi-Media and Game Room Setups
  • Dedicated Home Theaters & Projection Systems
  • Universal Remote Control / Single Button Setups
  • Landscape Audio Systems
  • Outdoor Weather Proof TV Installations
  • Virtual Reality Configurations
  • Property Surveillance & Camera Systems
  • Authorized Ring Doorbell & Nest Installations
  • Sonos Surround and Sonos Room Audio Solutions
  • Telephone and Whole House Intercom Systems
  • Whole House Celluar Booster Systems

We eat, breathe, sleep, and drink technology. We are firm believers that repetition means stunted growth and learning. Because of this mindset, we continually look for a more productive and economical way to achieve the same or better result. We adapt with all the technology and as it becomes smarter, so do we