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Our Exclusive plan includes everything that we have to offer.  Premier white-gloved services for whatever your technology related needs might be.  Includes exclusive access to custom programming and 24/7 access to Brian at anytime.

remote access

OVRC Monitoring Service Subscription

Firmware/Software Updates 

Daily Network System Performance Monitoring

​Proactive Network Resolutions

Remote Troubleshooting (off-site)

Network System Reboots & Resyncs

Priority Network Support (remote/email)

Priority Scheduled Service (on site)

Monthly Technology Newsletter w/ Updated Information related to home technology

Real-time Notifications

When firmware updates become available for a device, we get instantly notified. Allowing us the time to familiarize ourselves with the updates before applying them..

* The annual & quarterly onsite maintenance and inspection program applies to Connecticut residences only unless otherwise disclosed.  All residences out of state will be billed for the additional travel expenses.  ** Priority Response time is limited to clients within a 50-mile radius of Norwalk CT.  ** The free 15 min service calls and priority onsite service exclude any residence more than 35 miles from Norwalk CT.  *** Discounts Excludes certain products with no margin such as TVs, Sonos, Ring Cameras, Ect

Account Management PROGRAMS

automated service

Our OVRC Dashboard provides realtime alerts  and notifications allowing us the time to troubleshoot common issues before our customers even realizes there's a problem. 

 * Quarterly On-Site Scheduled Maintenance  Inspection

System Enhancements and Software Upgrades

**Free Service Calls / less than 15mins

**Priority Service and Onsite Response Time (with-in 60 mins when requested)

Unlimited 24/7 Support and Direct Access to Brian J

Loaner Hardware & Advanced Replacements whenever possible. 

***20% Discount for Technology Hardware Upgrade / 10% for any new Add-Ons

firmware updates

Provides free remote support and monitoring for Networks and Wifi Systems including software & firmware updates  + maintains your priority status for ongoing service-related issues.


I have always made myself accessible to our clients looking for technical advice or seeking some general help with basic troubleshooting.  It’s fairly typical that together we can resolve most miscellaneous issues quickly and without the need for a scheduled service call. I field a lot of phone calls and emails from clients looking for refreshers on how to use certain devices, or who are asking to add some new services or functions to their existing system.  In many cases, I am able to provide these services remotely and rarely if ever invoice for this time. It's always been my priority to provide a prompt response and solution as possible.


Our OVRC Dashboard allows us to create secure access to a device’s local User Interface where we can access advanced configuration settings when needed.

If I had installed any Network, Surveillance or Control System Hardware for you, then it is likely that I have been working behind the scenes to ensure your systems/devices are operating properly.  I call this “Automated Service” since we automatically perform the necessary services a device needs. In most cases, our dashboard notifies us when a monitored device has a new firmware update available, at which point we can remotely connect to the device and perform the necessary update.  Typically we run the update locally on our demo gear before pushing these updates out to our customers. These monitored devices typically include all Network, Wifi, Surveillance, and Control System-Hardware. On average, we spend about 10-15hrs a week performing these types of maintenance services remotely.  In addition to pushing firmware updates, our Monitoring Dashboard promptly notifies us when a Device goes offline or stops communicating as it should.  When something like this occurs, we can typically remotely reboot a single piece of hardware or an entire sub-system and in most cases can resolve a problem before the client notices any issues.  Being proactive with this maintenance has helped us maintain very low downtimes and optimal system performance.



per month

Modify configurations

per month


remote reboots


personable EXPERIANCE

per month

With our smart device app, we can monitor the performance of the systems as a whole including the speed of the WIFI and overall internet service speeds that comes in from the street.

system performance

requires quote

Through our OVRC Dashboard, we can modify the most common configuration settings of a certain devices.  Allowing us to provide up to date configurations and adapt to changing enviorments.

 System Performance Monitoring

Surveillance / Camera Performance Monitoring

Control4 Driver Updates

*Control4 4-Sight License / 1 year 

DynDns Service Subscription / 1 year​

Priority Control System Support (remote/email)

System Enhancements and Software Upgrades​

***10% Discount for Control4 Hardware & Luma Upgrades

Includes all coverage from both the Basic and Plus Plans + the added support for lighting control and environmental control systems.  Also includes additional perks and advantages.

Its been 20+ Years in the making and we are now implementing some Account Management Programs.  These programs will allow me to continue providing the ongoing maintenance and support for the hardware installed in your projects.  If I had installed any Network, Wifi, Surveillance, Lighting or Control Hardware for you, then it is very likely I have been working behind the scenes to ensure those devices are operating optimally.  I call this “Automated Service” since we automatically perform the necessary services a device needs. Over the years we have implemented an OVRC Dashboard System that Notifies us when a monitored device has a new firmware update available or is not functioning properly, at which point we can remotely connect to the device and provide remote service.

Most troubleshooting calls are resolved with a simple reboot, so our OVRC Dashboard allows you to remotely reboot devices or those powered through a WattBox or Araknis PoE switch, instead of rolling a truck.


Includes all coverage of the Basic plan + support and monitoring of Control4 Systems and Luma Surveillance Hardware + Software Feature Enhancement & Updates + Discounts on Network and Camera Upgrades



All plans billed on a one-time annual basis

We know that most systems differ from each other, and few systems are the same, however many if not most parts require similar support.  In an effort to keep things somewhat simple, I am providing 3 levels of service and support that offer different values depending on the size/scope of your technology.  Please review the outlined plans and choose the option that best suits your needs.

 *Annual On-Site Scheduled Maintenance Service

System Enhancements and Software Upgrades

Lighting System Adjustments and Free Keypad Engraving Updates

**Priority Service and Onsite Response Time

Unlimited 24hr Off-Site Tech Support

Loaner Hardware & Advanced Replacements when possible. 

***10% Discount for any Technology Hardware Addition